“We create things that you don’t need, but deep down your soul requires. Each of our artworks are created by hand with the aim to help people find their inner calm and create peace. One thing that set us apart is the fact that we make our own papers for the artwork. This gives us the liberty to create custom sizes and textures, and thus allows us to tailor the papers exactly for the needs of our clients.

Our unique paper-making process begins by hydrating 100% cotton fiber into pulp. Cotton fibers are acid-free, which means that our papers won’t turn brown and brittle, unlike papers made from wood pulp. The strength and durability of our papers along with the use of colorfast acrylic pigments, ensure that our art will last for generations.

Our pieces are ideal to be displayed in hospitals, corporate offices, medical facilities, and other places where people appreciate and benefit from their calming effect. The pieces that we create appear to be simplistic, but we think that it is in this simplicity that the strength of our artwork lies. The texture, color, balance, and theme of our pieces are where our art gets its power and spirit. Our minimalistic designs aim to encourage people to take a deep breath, relax, meditate, and to simply wander inside their own minds.

For us, art is not just a piece that you hang up on your wall. It is so much more than that. It is an escape; it is a window through which you can see a different perspective on life.”

Jeanne Petrosky
Dennis Guzenski

“Jeanne & Dennis did an exceptional job, delivered the entire project ahead of schedule and I would not hesitate to work with JPDesignArt again.”

Drew G. Anthon, Owner Eden Resort & Suites