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this has to do with the year, but who knows!

Sunday, OCTOBER 15, 2023
11am to 4pm
2485 Detweiler Road . Pottstown PA 19464

JPDesignArt Appointment
JPDesignArt Appointment
JPDesignArt Appointment

Let's face it, usually an open studio is to introduce you to new creations or offering "specials" from cleaning up the studio, but neither of those things will be happening. (well, I DO hope to have a new triptych completed).

Treat you to some lovely food and drink, have you see our new studio located in our home and basically use it as a thank you for all of your love, care and support ovrt the years.

You may even meet some other wonderful people with good taste in art!

We realize that due to the widespread of our collectors, not all of you would even think about coming. We are an hour away from Philadelphia, Reading and Lancaster. You may be able to make it into an adventure. Either way, know that you are greatly appreciated!


We continue to create art specifically for you and your environment.
If you would like to stop in to talk about a customized piece, please contact us to set up an appointment so we can give you our undivided attention.

You are welcome anytime for a visit!  
See our studio and how we work.
A chance to get up-close and personal.

We would love for you to stop by in person or by ZOOM. Either way, call 610-405-8574 or email us for an appointment.

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