Paper Making Process


The Concept 

We start by developing a sketch of the idea for the piece including size, number of layers, windows and relief.

A Support

A screen is cut for each layer onto which the paper slurry will be sprayed. The screen provides a flexible support for the paper

Paper Spray 

A slurry of high quality, acid-free cotton fiber is sprayed onto the screen supports.


Before the slurry is dried, a texture can be created on the surface


After drying the cotton paper is trimmed to a rough edge around the screens and windows in the screens. Then a primer-sealer is applied to both sides of each piece. This sealer provides the protection against moisture and water. It also provides a base for the coloring and any painted images.


Once the primer is dry, the color scheme and the images are painted. Archival quality paints are always used.


Once the color and images are dry, the flexible screens are mounted to the backing support. This support can be made to be flat or as a curved relief.

The Finished Work

An Option

Resin –An optically clear, non-yellowing, premium quality resin can be applied to provide a high gloss finish. To see what the resin does for a painting click here.

“I’ve bought pieces for my office to warm up what is otherwise a sterile environment. People often say to me how comforting my office feels.  I think the artwork is the reason why.”