Hand Made Paper


Sometimes paper gets a bad rap. Often times people think it’s going to deteriorate or fall apart if someone touches the surface.

None of this is true of our art, of course!

We insure that by creating our paper in an unconventional manner.

1. We use acid free cotton fibers.  This insures longevity of the paper.  It’s the acid that deteriorates paper.

2. We reinforce our paper with wire. This adds strength and durability.

3. We protect the paper with a layer of resin. An optically clear and non-yellowing resin is applied to the art for added touch-ability and permanancy. The choice of a matte or high gloss finish is completely up to you since both offer the same protection.

“Your work is filled with so much beauty and energy. We are simply thrilled. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your work is such a gift and so very inspiring.”

Deb & Mark