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  • What if I want a SPECIFIC size or color?
    We are happy to work with you. That is called a commission. View Details
  • It's paper, how long WILL IT LAST?
    It's not the reugular paper you are used to seeing. The paper you come in contact with on a daily basis is made from wood pulp. Wood pulp has acud in it and that's what causes the deterioration. We use 100% acid-free cotton fibers to make our paper. All your good art paper and books that have survived over the centuries are made with 100% acid-free cotton fibers.
  • It's paper, isn't it fragile to CLEAN?
    EASY! Use a soft brush, feather duster, or even a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.
  • Can I put it OVER A FIREPLACE
    YES! But we will need to know the placement ahead of time so we can add spacers on the back keeping the art away from the wall or stone.
  • Can I put it in a BATHROOM?
    YES! You are there every day so why not look at beautiful art! For extra steamy rooms you may want to consider a matte resin or high gloss resin finish.
  • How does HUMIDITY affect it?
    The papers are all sealed. For extra protection choose the Gloss or Matte Resin finish. Our art is strictly for INDOOR USE, and most of us live with AC.
  • How about DIRECT SUNLIGHT?
    BE RESPECTFUL! We have done all that we can, but you still need to respect the art. Ambient light will be OK, it's the direct beating sun for long periods that is harmful. Again, treat it like all of your other good art.
  • How do I HANG your art?
    Regular picture hangers are appropriate for most installation. CLICK HERE for more details.
  • Where is your SIGNATURE?
    We always sign our art on the back. Along with our signature, we also include a "chop". It is used in Japan (and other Asian countries) for "signing" a payment slip at a bank, and just looks great!. We had the privilege of going to Japan in 2005. We couldn't pass up the opportunity of having one made for us. It is a combination of both of our names and has a loose translation of "blessing go out and come back double"
  • Can I BUY just the PAPER?
    Thanks for your interst, but we make our paper strickly for our art and do not sell it to others.

FAQ's about our Fine Art

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